Takin’ a T/O With BT: Belarus’ Grabovski and Kostitsyn Chemistry Test

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In sports, to be an effective team, you have to overlook the little differences.

You can hope and pray for a team nicely packaged with a neat little bow (This isn't a reference to Christmas...as far as you know) that's always going to get along and never squabble, but it doesn't happen.

I'm willing to bet that there have been very few championship teams in any sport that have ever featured each working part having a quality personal relationship with each other.

You're dealing with at least 12 different personalities, not including a coach (A basketball team) ranging to the equivalent of a small country's army, run by a coaching staff comparable in size to whichever panel chooses the Razzie's (Equivalent to a football team).

What they did have, was a great working relationship.

Off the court or field, or away from the rink, there have been teammates who have nothing in common together—absolutely nothing. In fact, some of these situations are so bad, that neither party could agree on the proper way to cook rice.

But when you get out there and start battling, everything changes.

Suddenly the extra a ...

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