Sleeping New Jersey Devils Hope To Wake Up Against Rangers

March 9th, 2010 by Doug Gausepohl Leave a reply »
Think about driving to a destination that is far from home.  There are lulls during the drive; points where the very last thing you want to do is the only thing that is currently occupying you: driving. 

That's what a hockey season is: a long trip.  Filled with highs, lows, and inbetweens.  Some dull moments, sure.  Just as in a long car ride, there are certain games that are just a killer to sit and take in, but being a die-hard Devils fan and aspiring sports journalist, I know it's in my best interest to sit and continue to watch.

But then, some you-know-what starts to tailgate you while flashing his high-beams right into your rear-view mirror.  Or some inconsiderate mongrel decides to cut into your lane without a blinker, or cut you off without a turn signal.  It's happened to all of us.  And it sure wakes you up and grabs your attention, doesn't it?

Enter the New York Rangers.  Hockey's equivalent to scumbag drivers.

No introduction is needed for the rivalry between the Rangers and the Devils.  You know the names, you know the faces, and you know the storylines, even if you're ...

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