Sidney Crosby Latest Victim of Concussion in the NHL

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The NHL has supposedly been searching for answers regarding concussions in the NHL for the past couple of decades. Yet, the issue continues to worsen.

In October, Mayo Clinic held a conference regarding concussions in hockey and their effects. One of the main presentations was from a study conducted by Dr. Paul Comper and a graduate student Michael Hutchinson. From a New York Times article by Jeff Klein, in the NHL alone between October 2006 and January 2010, there were a reported 260 concussions, an average of 75 per season.

Of those players sustaining concussions, 31 percent had not touched the puck before sustaining the injury; in fact only 25 percent of those players had control of the puck at the time of the injuring hit. Logically, some concussions would stem from fights, meaning the players wouldn't be touching the puck.

But fighting only accounts for 6 percent of those concussions. Also from Klein's article, 60 percent of those 260 concussions came from shoulder to head contact; 16 percent from elbow to head contact; 13 percent from glove to head contact, and the rest from other various body parts to head conta ...

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