San Jose Sharks Deadline Activity… Or Lack Of

March 3rd, 2010 by Brian Winett Leave a reply »
Was that the NHL trade deadline? 

Wow... that was boring.  Who actually cared this year?  Most people are still reeling from the Olympics.  Sure, some teams got some action going... for Sharks fans though there was little anticipation and even less action.

The Sharks are capped out... what more is there to say? 

Jody Shelley had to go to make cap room just so the Sharks can call up minor leaguers if needed.  The team really has been built over the past three years to now to fit right against the cap. 

Overpriced contracts like Cheechoo and Michalek were shipped out wisely for Heatley and it's hard to make any kind of depth moves with four players making  $6.3M or more. 

Between Heatley, Thornton, Marleau, and Boyle, they account for $27,666,667M which equates to almost 50 percent of the salary cap for a 23 man roster.  Throw in Nabakov's $5.375M and we're talking $33M for 5 players with $24M left for the remaining 18 players (or $1,333,334M each).

Now, would you let any of those big five guys go?  Don't see how you can. 

There's nothing w ...

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