Playing the Race Card When the Deck is Stacked With Jokers

March 7th, 2010 by Harold Bell Leave a reply »

As a person of color in America, I don’t blame all whites for the racist environment that we now live in. Racism will be here as long as there are different colors of people. The only solution to the problem is to make everybody one color, even then people would find something to dislike. The reasons for disliking the other person could be for being too short, too tall, too fat, too thin, blue eyes vs brown eyes, etc.


Evidently, there is a gene that most if all of us are born with that makes each individual a competitor. This can be a dangerous gene in a world where the only color that really counts is GREEN-a dollar bill is king.


My lesson in racial tolerance came about because of the white faces and mentors I encountered early in life such as President Richard M. Nixon, Strom Thurmond, Red Auerbach, Angelo Dundee, Hymie Perlo, and Jimmy Connors. They all pla ...

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