Philadelphia Flyers-Montreal Canadiens Game Three: Speed Kills

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Montreal 5 Philadelphia 1 (Bell Centre) Flyers lead the series 2-1.

"The Great Oz has spoken. Pay no attention to that man behind the has spoken." — from The Wizard of Oz

You really have to feel for Gary Bettman and his pals in the NHL offices. They are staying up late in the editing room trying to manufacture a hero.

No Crosby or Ovechkin as your pitch man? No worries. Just take a journeyman goalie add some big sound, smoke and video effects and you have yourself an Oz. Or in Bettman-speak, the "History Will be Made" commercial.

How touching is the "What if Leighton didn't seize the moment" spot? Hang on, I need a tissue.

The one compelling part of the story is that Leighton is that the 29-year-old Canadian happens to be a genuinely nice guy. But there's a reason that the Goalia from Petrolia (who came up with that nickname?) is a career minor leaguer. While Leighton has the size, his game breaks down when he is forced to move.

Leighton credits the Good Witch of the North named Jeff Reese for improving his game since coming to Philadelphia. But a stroke of Reese's magic w ...

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