NHL Trade Speculation: 10 Blockbusters That Would Top the Rick Nash Deal

August 11th, 2012 by Rob Kirk Leave a reply »
One of my favorite things about playing EA Sports NHL hockey games was the ability to make the trades that my favorite team never would. Now, I'm not talking the absurd trades like Shawn Burr for Mario Lemieux, or Tim Cheveldae for Patrick Roy. No offense Burr and Chevy, but hockey is a business, you understand?

I was always able to battle through the rigors of an 82-game season and muster the gumption and resolve to hoist the Stanley Cup. But as my Sega Genesis and then Playstations 1, 2 and 3 can attest,  I never loaded my rosters for the 82-0 season and 16-0 playoff. The bevvy of broken game controllers could also speak to that. (I swear Sega used to make those things out of paper mache so you would have to replace them once a month).

Assembling a legitimate roster when you have the omniscient powers of video gaming requires a considerable amount of thought. Many college classes skipped and just as many adult responsibilities shirked have resulted in one of the most savvy general managers that EA Sports has ever seen. Honey, where's the baby? Huh? Who? Just kidding, he's taking a nap....I think?

In the real world, the NHL general managers ar ...

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