NHL Trade Deadline: Did Vancouver Canucks GM Mike Gillis’ Trades Fill the Needs?

March 5th, 2010 by Nucks IceMan Leave a reply »

At the trade deadline Canucks GM Mike Gillis, as he has stated on many an occasion, that he would not trade away Nucks draft choices for rental players, filled at least a depth position at defense. Andrew Alberts, at 6’5”, 218 lbs is a player I have been screaming for to help bolster the lack of toughness at the back end.

You have all read about his stay at home, defense first type of play, but what I like is his toughness, clear the front of the net attitude and his willingness to drop the gloves if need be and trust me with Chicago that will not be a problem.

Alberts, although a No. 6 D-man, will easily replace Nolan Baumgartner and most likely push Aaron Rome to the press box when Kevin Bieksa returns possibly before the end of this road trip.

Who knows if Bieksa, who was struggling before his injury can return to the form he played at three seasons ago, but if not, Rome could be a temporary six spot player as he has been lately.

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