NHL Lockout: Why the Players Cannot Put the Salary Cap on the Table

October 2nd, 2012 by Nicholas Goss Leave a reply »

Putting the salary cap on the bargaining table would ensure that the 2012-13 NHL season doesn't happen, so it's important that the players don't fight this battle again because they will lose for a second straight time.

Former NHLPA leader Bob Goodenow was adamant early in the previous lockout that he wouldn't accept a salary cap, but in the end, his players had no choice but to accept it. A similar outcome is guaranteed to happen if this battle went another round.

Not only are owners of rich, large-market teams in favor of the cap, it's hard to imagine any owner of a small-market team accepting a new CBA that includes the removal of the cap system.

Another battle over the salary cap would never end well for the players because removing the current system would ultimately destroy the small-market teams that would never be able to spend on the same level as wealthy franchises such as the Toronto Maple Leafs.

The absence of a salary cap could easily result in some teams needing to be contracted, unless the revenue-sharing system is completely overhauled to help the teams that cannot spend as much as the large-market clubs. Co ...

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