NHL Lockout: Why Latest Wrangling Between NHL and NHLPA Could Be a Good Thing

December 15th, 2012 by Trent Reinsmith Leave a reply »
If things weren’t real enough for you in the battle between the NHL and the NHLPA, the two sides decided to kick things up a notch on Friday.  According to TSN.com (via the Associated Press), the NHLPA executive board has floated the idea of allowing the players to vote on a disclaimer of interest, while the NHL followed that up by filing a class-action lawsuit against the NHLPA. 

Before you think that this is the end, the final straw that sends everything crashing down into the abyss and leaves us with no NHL season in 2013, take a minute to collect yourself and breath deep. These incidents are not the negatives you would think; they could actually be a positive.

I know that seems like spin, but I see this as the last volley that the two sides are throwing at each other before agreeing on a deal to get the game back on the ice early in 2013.

The relationship between the NHL and NHLPA is less than cordial, at times it has even become downright hostile—and that’s in public. One can only imagine how toxic things are behind closed doors or what kind of vitriol is thrown around when one side is discussing the other amongst t ...

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