NHL Lockout: Rise of the KHL Will Prevent Future Lockouts

September 25th, 2012 by Dan Kelley Leave a reply »
If you are a hockey fan, the term “labor dispute” must make you sick to your stomach.

The cringe-worthy phrase isn’t simply about the past, when the NHL played a shortened 1994-95 season as a result of a lockout, or the undisputed low point in the sport’s history, when the entirety of the 2004-05 season was canceled.

It isn’t simply nauseating because of the present either, as we deal with another lockout that has the potential to eliminate another full season (via ESPN).

On top of all this, the manner in which the owners and commissioner Gary Bettman use lockouts as leverage to take more and more out of the players’ pockets leaves only one harsh reality: Every time a CBA expires, the owners will lock the players out until they get their way.

And unless some unforeseen miraculous development occurs during this season’s negotiations, the players are virtually powerless to construct a deal that the owners won’t want to take a chunk of next time.

There is little the players can do because most owners have enough money to cancel entire seasons without taking a short-term financia ...

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