NHL Lockout: Players Harsh Opinions of Bettman Not Helping Anyone

November 20th, 2012 by Trent Reinsmith Leave a reply »
In the minds of many NHL fans and players, Gary Betmman is a most vile creature. The way the NHL commissioner is vilified you would think he’s sporting horns underneath that business haircut and a pair of fangs that he uses to suck the life from the bodies of various innocent creatures. To say that he is a hated figure would be one huge understatement, especially these days as the NHL lockout drags on with no end in sight.

That hatred is somewhat misplaced.

Bettman may be the NHL commissioner, but he answers to the NHL ownership group. Sure, he has his agenda and he stands in front of the press with his knowing smirk and does the talking, but he’s not saying anything that the majority of the owners don’t want him to say.

That hasn’t stopped NHL players from ripping into Bettman at any chance they get. Sadly, it seems like these attacks have picked up as of late, which is probably a bad idea when the players representatives are negotiating with the man about a long-term collective bargaining agreement.

The hate parade started last week when Detroit Red Wings blueliner Ian White opined, “I got to be honest, I ...

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