NHL Lockout: NHLPA Rejects NHL’s Latest Offer; Now What?

October 18th, 2012 by Trent Reinsmith Leave a reply »
NHL fans had extremely high hopes that the NHL lockout was on its way to ending with the offer the NHL handed to the NHLPA earlier this week.  The fans saw 50-50 split in revenue, minor tweaks to free agency and rookie contracts, no rollbacks, deferred payment so players would get all the money owed to them on current contracts and thought, this is good.  

Today, the NHLPA said not so fast.

It should be said that fans, myself included, most likely looked at the highlights of the NHL’s offer through rose-colored glasses. We want the lockout to end, we want our game to come back, we want to see that Stanley Cup lifted at the conclusion of the 2013 season, even if it’s by a team that we despise.  

The glasses that NHLPA head Donald Fehr and the players he represents saw the contract through hid jaded and suspicious eyes. Eyes that have to live with every tiny detail of that contract, not just next year or for the length of the collective bargaining agreement once signed, but for a long time after, as what they agree to will undoubtedly roll into the next CBA.  This contract is not just for them, it’s for many future genera ...

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