NHL Lockout: Marketing Research Survey Shows "Alarming" Disgust in Fanbase

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"The passionate fans are angry, the neutral fans turned off and bored, the mostly non-fans—the people hockey needs to attract if it hopes to grow—disgusted."

A new marketing survey from Level5, a Canadian brand-analysis pollster—published in the Toronto Globe & Mail Tuesday morning—has sent another bombshell hurtling towards the NHL's already-fragile public image.

The group questioned more than 1,000 Canada residents on their hockey emotions, as the ongoing lockout sputters towards its three-month anniversary.

Feedback was recorded and analyzed in a "map" of eight categories—"red (fun), yellow (interest), orange (inspirational), brown (knowledgeable), green (trustworthiness), grey (satisfaction), blue (nurturing) and purple (friendliness)".

The results? Not surprisingly, horrifying:

A disastrous map would be the one Level5 created following the BP PLC oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010. It was the worst the company had seen—until it got around to the NHL this month.

They found a lot of males have slipped into “neutrality” about the game—are now bored wi ...

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