NHL Lockout: Donald Fehr Dismisses the Idea That the NHL Has Made Concessions

November 17th, 2012 by Trent Reinsmith Leave a reply »
Oh, how the spin machine works, or should I say doesn’t work? 

If you listen to the NHL, it would like you to believe that its side of the table is the one making all the concessions during the process of negotiating a new collective bargaining agreement with the NHLPA.  Roll that over in your mind for a little bit—the fact that the NHL thinks it is making concessions. 

Some of the “concessions” the NHL has made in its offerings to the NHLPA:

- Dropping the share of hockey-related revenue the players receive from 57 percent to 50 percent.

- Demanding that contract lengths be limited to no more than five years.

- No more front-loading contracts for players that may not intend to play out the whole deal.

- Cutting rookie deals to two years.

- Extending the time it takes for a player to reach free agency or be permitted to file for arbitration.

Only in the world of spin could these demands be seen as concessions from the NHL. Seriously, how could anyone sit there with a perfectly straight face and say that those items are all in the favor of the players?  ...

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