NHL Lockout 2012: NHL Players Are in a No-Win Situation

October 1st, 2012 by Trent Reinsmith Leave a reply »
Anyone that thinks the NHLPA will walk away from the NHL lockout with any type of win is delusional. The fact is that the NHLPA is in a no-win situation and no matter what the end result, they will walk away as losers in their fight with NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman and the NHL owners.

Bettman and the owners have dug in their heels on the percentage of hockey-related revenue they are willing to share with the NHLPA. In response, union head Donald Fehr and the players have crossed their arms and set scowls upon their faces, vowing to not accept the paltry offer the NHL has extended their way.  

Both sides seem willing to forgo the entire 2012-13 season to make their point, and while that solidarity is nice on the part of the NHLPA, it’s basically the players taking $1.873 billion in player salaries and flushing it down the toilet.

Mull that over, the players made a total of $1.873 billion last year, and if there is no season they will never get that money back, which means no $11 million for Ilya Kovalchuk and no $525,000 for the players making the NHL minimum salary.  $1.873 billion gone, never to be seen again.

Without some signific ...

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