NHL Head Shots: Why the League Does/Doesn’t Need to Change Something

February 11th, 2011 by Mike Pantaleone Leave a reply »
Head shots.

It's one of the most talked about problems in the NHL the past few years, but as much as the NHL wants to abolish head shots, it will never happen. There isn't really much more that the NHL can do about it than they're currently doing.

How do you get rid of something that is a part of hockey?

Hockey was always a hard-nosed, in-your-face game. Yes, sometimes the head shots that players unleash are completely unnecessary, but what about all the guys out there that pour their heart and soul into the game and are genuinely just playing?

They've been handing out suspensions like candy this year as it is.

Should the NHL give players longer suspensions? Should they be booted from the league after a certain number of incidents? How does the NHL get the message across?

What I find particularly interesting is the fact that after the Sidney Crosby hit, all of a sudden it became such a hot topic again. Don't get me wrong here folks, I think Crosby is an amazing player and a very skilled young guy, but what is it about Sidney Crosby that the NHL loves so much? He's widely known as the NHL's "golden boy" or "poste ...

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