NHL: 15 Essential NHL Books to Read During the Lockout

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There's only so much football you can watch.

You may also be an NHL fan who can tolerate the NBA, in which case you're watching your share of basketball as well.

But there's no way to get around the NHL lockout. You may bray about how much you hate Gary Bettman and the "stupid" owners or you may come down against the "greedy" players.

But you know you'll never give up hockey no matter what they do to the game and you miss the game so much that it hurts.

You need the game and you'll take it in any form you can get it.

Even in word form.

Turn off the television and go to the library or bookstore. There are many memorable hockey books that will bring you at least a taste of what you are missing so badly.

Here's a look at 15 essential NHL books that you can read during the lockout that will at least give you a small taste of the hockey that you have been craving since the lockout began Sept. 15.

The Instigator: How Gary Bettman Remade The League And Changed The Game Forever

If you are going to start reading about the NHL, the last thing you want to read about is the life of the commission ...

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