Montreal Canadiens vs. Winnipeg Jets: NHL: Torn Between Two Lovers

October 8th, 2011 by Lorne Roberts Leave a reply »

Dear Winnipeg Jets:

I'm writing you this letter because I think we need to talk about some things before your game with the Montreal Canadiens.  Your first-ever game back in the NHL, I might add. 

These are some things that aren't very easy to say, but they need to be said anyway.

So here goes. 

I want you to imagine this scenario with me: imagine that the love of your life, your childhood sweetheart let's say, simply disappears one day.  Every sign tells you that he or she is gone for good, and is probably dead.

So you mourn for a time and then, as is natural, you move on.  Eventually you find someone else.  Someone who's not perfect, of course, but who makes you happy anyway. 

But then suddenly, sixteen years later, your old love shows back up and announces she's alive, and she wants you back.

Extreme, sure, but it's what I felt like when I heard that your first game as the brand new Winnipeg Jets was going to be against the Montreal Canadiens.  Yes, them, the Montreal Canadiens: les bleus blancs et rouges, les glorieux, the Habs, the most storied franch ...

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