Monday Morning Musings With Me the Big E: NHL ‘Franchise Player’ Rule?

May 30th, 2010 by Eric Warren Leave a reply »
I write about hockey, a lot. I also read about hockey. I read about hockey teams and rumors, bloggers from all over the league and sports celebrities as well as so called hockey experts such as Al Strachan and Pierre Maguire.

I, however, rarely read anything that gets me thinking like one article did last week.

Patrick Storto of The Checking wrote a piece about the possibility of the NHL adopting a 'franchise player rule' similar to the one that has been used in the NFL with varying degree's of success.

It isn't the first time I've thought of this myself and I agree with Patrick's idea but I think it's important to provide a little background on the way it works in the NFL before I show you Patrick's proposal.

I couldn't find a definite date on when the NFL first adopted the "Franchise Player Tag" but did determine a number of surprising things about it.

I think what surprised me most is that not every team uses it. In 2009, only 15 of 32 teams used it and in 2008 only 12 did.

If the only reason for using the rule was to allow a team to keep the tagged players salary off of the cap, every tea ...

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