Marty Turco: Did the Blackhawks Get What They Paid for?

November 29th, 2010 by John Gallo Leave a reply »
The date is August 2nd.  The Blackhawks have just announced that they have signed former Dallas goaltending star Marty Turco to a one year, $1.3 million deal, salvaging the loss of Antti Niemi to arbitration and the Great Chicago Fire Sale of 2010.

The immediate reaction of (bandwagon) fans? "How could we lose Niemi?  He was the best, ever!  But we're still gonna repeat, because we're awesome!  I think...right?"

The immediate reaction of most other fans:  "Good riddance to Niemi, he was a flash in the pan!  Now we've got a PROVEN goaltender in Turco!  We're gonna repeat!  Wooo!"

It seems that the Hawks were very wise in choosing to let Niemi go, as the give-or-take $1 mil they saved on Turco has allowed a couple extra players to fit under the salary cap.  But, more importantly, they got a mentor.

Now, when I heard about Turco's signing, I'll admit that my first reaction was to think about the signing of a proven goaltender, able to provide quality, consistent goaltending for a reasonable cap hit.  But my second thought was that we finally had a mentor to bring Corey Crawford in ...

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