Lions, Tigers, and Bears, Oh My!: Ranking Each NHL Team’s Mascots

March 16th, 2010 by Mark Jones Leave a reply »
As the famous Dorothy once said in the popular 1930's film, the Wizard of Oz, "Lions, bears, and tigers? Oh my!" It's a good thing she isn't around today, and if any of you feel an emotional connection to her, you should probably stop reading this slideshow right now. That warning comes in effect because the lighter side of NHL hockey is still pretty vicious...that is, if cartoon bears, stuffed fireflies, and fluffy cotton St. Bernards are freaky to you. While the NHL winds down its season and teams fight for their spot in the 2010 playoffs, 26 team mascots are hard at work waving flags, shooting rolled-up T-shirts, and, from time to time, even signing paw-tographs. These are the fluffy, stuffed icons of the NHL, all cute and cuddly and friendly. But all of those huggable smiles are going to end right now, because we're pitting each and every mascot against each other in a fight for the finish to find out who is the true mascot champion of the National Hockey League. Dallas, Edmonton, Philadelphia, and New York [Rangers] are going to be happy, at least for today, that they don't have a mascot for themselves, because this ranking could be bloody, messy, and deadly... ...I was ju ...

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