Ilya Kovalchuk Case Arbitrator Must Rule in Favor of New Jersey Devils

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Arbitrator Richard Block has heard from both sides in the case of Ilya Kovalchuk's contract.  Block will now ponder the arguments he has heard and rule on the 17-year contract.

The question he is debating is: Does the 17-year contract that the New Jersey Devils offered Kovalchuk circumvent the current collective bargaining agreement?

If Block sides with the Devils, Kovalchuk will be signed until he is 44 and will make $102 million over the life of the contract.  If the arbitrator sides with the NHL, the contract will be voided and Kovalchuk will be a free agent.

I am fairly certain the ruling will fall in favor of the New Jersey Devils.

The NHL has built its case on speculation.  The NHL thinks the contract circumvents the CBA.  They base that thinking on the low pay in the final years of the contract.  

The NHL is guessing that Kovalchuk will not play until he is 44.  They say the structure of the contract is built to spread the salary cap hit across all 17 years and pay him very little in the last few years of the contract.

All of the above may be true, but can the NHL prove any ...

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