Ice Edge Holdings Quit Embarrassing Yourselves and Go Away, Already!

July 31st, 2010 by Joe Mikolai Leave a reply »

The roller coaster is back. The team the NHL just won't let die, the Phoenix Coyotes, nor their annoying wannabe buyers, Ice Edge Holdings are at it again.

First reported by the Winnipeg Free Press (surprise, surprise) Wednesday about the controversial group losing its right to negotiate with the city of Glendale, other media outlets now report the same thing, additionally adding Glendale itself says any potential deal may be in trouble .

So spin it all you want, all 1400 of you Coyotes fans still in Arizona, as well as the good-intentioned-but-clueless-when-it-comes-to-business Ice Edge Holdings. This comes from the mouth of the council that literally went in the tank and agreed to cover the team's losses next year by up to $25 million just to delay the inevitable move that is coming as I foreshadowed in May.

Once again, what's the big hold up? Money, of course. Ice Edge Holdings once again couldn't prove it had enough money to keep the "agreement" going forward by a June 18 deadline which would have prevented any other outside bidders like True North and Winnipeg or possibly Quebec, out.

Here we go again?

So ...

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