Have Dark Home Jerseys Killed the Whiteout?

June 3rd, 2010 by Jim Balint Leave a reply »

Come playoff time, it’s not unheard of for the home arena to host a “whiteout.” In fact, it’s almost mandatory. Fans are encouraged to wear white, or don whatever free t-shirt is being handed out at the entrance.

In recent years, however, the casual fan might become confused as to who the home team actually is.

The Home-white, Away-dark color scheme was the basis for the whiteout. Everyone in the arena, including the players, would wear white, and the effect was nothing short of dazzling.

In 2003, the NHL switched the jersey scheme, so that the home teams started wearing their dark jerseys. Come playoff time, however, fans still promoted whiteouts. If the home team is no longer wearing white, does the “whiteout” still work?

It’s no surprise what prompted the switch. Teams were looking for more revenue, and manufacturing “third” jerseys seemed to be the easiest way to go. Teams would wear these alternate jerseys every so often at home games, giving the fans something new to look ...

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