Has the Brutality of the NHL Forced League Officials to Revamp Player Safety?

March 12th, 2011 by Kristian Siuta Leave a reply »
One sporting ideal that all casual fans adore is the rugged, barbaric nature of sports. Oftentimes, football is compared to the great roman battles at the ancient coliseum.

Hockey is certainly relevant in this analogy. If you forgot, two men, or in many cases, group-fighting is allowed. If anything, the risk for injury intensifies due to the slippery-slope nature of the icy sport.

Recently, no news has been bad news for the NHL. One of the league’s biggest stars—if not the biggest—Sidney Crosby has been sidelined with a concussion. All concussions are serious and should be treated as such. 

Although, some concussions and steamroller hits in hockey have a much more critical outcome, as we found out this week. 

The severity of the recent collision was brought to light after the Boston Bruins Zdeno Chara and the Montreal Canadians Maxi Pacioretty came together. Needless to say, the 6’8” 265-pound Chara came out unharmed.

Of course, that does not include his game misconduct penalty and ejection.

Anytime another player’s head and neck make first contact to the boards, th ...

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