Gary Bettman Finally Gets One Right: Refusing Ilya Kovalchuk Contract

July 20th, 2010 by Imtiaz Ferdous Leave a reply »
Good job Gary Bettman! I finally get to say that. The long-term contracts had been used to circumvent the salary cap for the last several years, but Bettman may have finally put an end to that.

The NHL has done a terrible job trying to figure out which contracts are cheating the salary cap and which are not. Starting last year, however, the NHL has done a decent job destroying these contracts.

It should have started last year with the Marian Hossa contract, which goes until he is 42. That is an insane age to be playing hockey unless your name is Chris Chelios; however, we do have to look at this from the league's perspective.

The legal system tells us a person is innocent until proven guilty; unless the NHL can prove Hossa agreed to retire early in exchange for all that money, they should not do anything. 

For this reason the Hossa contract saved the Blackhawks $2 million per year in cap space (and we all know how much they need cap space), but what could the NHL do about it? Well you see the NHL is an exclusive club, like a university. For you to be kicked out they would have a proper trial, but unlike the legal system ...

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