Etched in Stone: The Top 20 Most Unbreakable Records in NHL History

December 10th, 2010 by Kaelan Lupton Leave a reply »
In any professional sport, records can be fabricated or broken in each and every game. A stroke of luck, burst of talent or couple of lucky bounces could lead to a record being broken before you realize that you just witnessed history.

Focusing on the NHL, records can be pretty tough to break, as a result of the fact that the league has been around since 1917, over 90 years. Since that's such a lengthy time span, there are no records that are "easy" to break. The easy records have already been torn down and replaced by a more difficult marker.

It's always exciting watching a record be dethroned, especially if you get to witness it first hand.

However, some records are essentially etched in stone, set to live forever in the record-holder's name. They're just too incredible to ever be seen again.

Now, approaching this article, there have got to be a few things that you were thinking. You likely considered who holds these records, what they are, and how old they are. You may have even been wondering if your buddy would bet you 20 bucks that Gretzky owns at least three of them.

In the words of the NHL's latest slogan, "questions wi ...

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