Ericsson Gets Injury Bug; Winged Wheels Fall On Home Ice Against Oilers

December 3rd, 2009 by Isaac Smith Leave a reply »
As a Red Wings fan and a writer, I am having some difficulty understanding why this Wings squad constantly "forgets" to show up to games that seem to be easy victories. Yes, yes I am aware that no games are easy in the new NHL. Nevertheless, one would assume that teams should not "s*!t the bed" against the lowly Edmonton Oilers.

Some fans will blame the injuries, the losses to free agency, or the team getting old. But this just should not be the case. There are other things to blame as well. Most of these things are easily identifiable, but slightly harder to fix.

First of all, it is very hard to have a consistent winning record on the road in the NHL. This being the case, it would only make sense to try and push extra hard to have an exceptional record at home.

The Red Wings have had fabulous records over the past few seasons, but this season, they seem to have been having troubles scoring goals as of late in home games.

Some suggestions for how the Red Wings can ameliorate their current state: 

1. Man up and play some hockey.

If San Jose Sharks' defense man, Dan Boyle can play the entire first two months of ...

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