Enough Predictions, Secound Round Playoff Guarantees

May 1st, 2010 by John Bradley Leave a reply »
The first round of the NHL playoffs offered a fair share of unpredictability, as the sixth, seventh, and eighth seeds in the East all advanced.  So, it would be foolish to attempt to guarantee any outcomes for the second round. 

But thanks to a highly advanced technological logarithmic prediction simulator developed by yours truly, I am able to do just that…guarantee you the results.  The Guarantor XL420 works by taking into account only one question that has absolutely nothing to do with hockey: 

What would happen if the figurative logos of each team were forced to do battle?

Sharks vs. Red Wings:  A shark fighting a tire with wings would be a very interesting bout.  In the shark’s natural habitat, the flying tire would be useless and ripped to shreds by the shark.  However, back in Detroit, home of the flying tire, the shark has trouble against this mutant hybrid that is mobile on land or in air. 

Since more games are scheduled for the Shark Tank, the guarantee is SHARKS IN 7

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