Detroit Red Wings: At the Quarter Mark, Wings Look Like Champions in the Making

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I'd bet you wouldn't have to think too hard to remember the kid's name.

You know the guy: the kid in school that was always at the top of the class, knew all the answers to the questions the teacher asked, aced every exam and even threw in being good-looking and athletic, just to make you look even more pathetic by comparison.

Every once in a while, something glorious would happen. Mr. Perfect would actually fail an exam, miss an answer to a question or show up to class with some festering canker sore on his lip, making all the cute girls turn away in revulsion.

For most of the past two decades in the NHL, the Detroit Red Wings have been this guy.

The maddeningly perfect, always prepared, consistently excellent performer that, more often than not, rose to the top of the class.

However, last season, the Wings found themselves in unfamiliar territory: among the ordinary and average of their class.

As is often the case when the mighty fall, there were no shortage of teams and fans alike that hoped that finally, the former honor rollers were now relegated to the ordinary ranks of the shop students and remedial read ...

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