Detroit Red Wings: A Winning Roster Has Emerged. Now Don’t Mess With It

March 12th, 2010 by Matt Hutter Leave a reply »
For those of you old enough to remember "rabbit ears" TV antennas, the following analogy should be quite helpful.

For those of you completely confused by the concept of non-satellite, non-cable TV, I don't know, ask your parents about it.

Years ago, TV reception was something you could never take for granted.

Growing up, I don't remember how many hours were spent tilting, twisting, swiveling and collapsing the long, telescoping antennas that came out the back of our wooden, floor model TV set, but it was 100 if it was one.

Getting good reception became an art. It was a highly skilled activity that, in my house, only dad was fit to engage in.

A crystal clear transmission of The People's Court or Jeopardy was wholly dependent upon a very delicate configuration of two flimsy rods; the slight bump or movement of which resulted in a snow-covered Judge Wapner.

The Red Wings' game is looking really good right now, but, any twisting or tweaking of the lineup is likely to distort the picture, not to mention dash their playoff hopes.

On Thursday night, the Red Wings played a near perfect game against the vis ...

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