Cristobal Huet Blows Last Chance Against Philly, Heading to Rockford

March 12th, 2010 by Al Bloom Leave a reply »
The most demoralizing thing a young, talented team can go through is completely dominating play early only to have the lead they worked so hard to establish melt away when their goaltender gives up soft goals. 

If the netminder gets beat—that's one thing.  But soft, out of position goals that result from the other team simply throwing the puck on net, because your goalie is known for giving up soft goals, take the wind out of your sails faster than Adam Burish making his presence felt after being out all year.

If you're a young, talented yet still developing team like the Blackhawks —soft play in the pipes simply cannot be allowed to stunt your overall maturation.  In baseball it's the young teams with a proven closer that occasionally surprise the league because they've got someone to get...well...saves.

Everyone else getting ice time is fighting for every shift.  And yet, the stunned silence that happened in the Madhouse during the second period against Detroit will like ...

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