Columbus Blue Jackets: The Quarterly Review

November 25th, 2009 by Ed Cmar Leave a reply »

It's too funny how timing works. I was crafting an article on the quarterly status report on the Columbus Blue Jackets and my esteemed cohort, Aaron Tom, beat me to the punch—props to you, my friend, great stuff!


I would like, however, to offer my view of how things have gone, or not gone, so far.


The record:  12-8-3.  When you look at it, on the surface, all seems well in the world.  Ed, why are you so cynical?  Ed, why can't you enjoy this great start?  Ed, why didn't you take in enough fiber, this morning?  Gotta work on that last one, but, I digress.


After all, that is, by far, the best start in their history.  However, as I’ve done in other similar articles, you have to look beyond the numbers.

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