Chicago Blackhawks: Managing a Faithless Fan Base, Instilling Success

August 3rd, 2010 by Kyle Wahlgren Leave a reply »

Drama... Drama... Drama.

Who could've imagined all of the steps taken in nearly the past month?

Arguably many saw it coming, but no one could have assumed how it would feel afterwards. 

Looking up and down a roster, it may have more the look of a bullet-riddled platoon exiting a 1972 Vietnam jungle.

Limping and full of holes, the Blackhawks have slowly begun to nurse the wounds of a drastic off-season. To much dismay, they have almost seemed to come back with more of a vengeance. Perhaps, it's due to a chip on a shoulder that even many of their very own "fans" have placed there.

During a season of ultimate success when winning a championship, a team always witnesses an overhaul of fans. While great for celebration, it serves for horrible criticism in a time like this.

After a weekend of festival and celebration of their first Stanley Cup in 49 historical years, it was met with fan backlash on what could be called "Black Monday."

In the history of the Blackhawks, many have never witnessed as much disgust over the release of a single player. The disgust continued to roll downhill a ...

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