Brent Seabrook Victim of Vicious Hit: Is Fighting the Answer?

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Chicago Blackhawks defenseman Brent Seabrook was the victim of a vicious and questionable hit on Wednesday in Anaheim, just days after teammate Brian Campbell was shoved head-long into the boards in Washington by superstar Alex Ovechkin. 

Since those vicious hits, both coming in losses, many people in Chicago have been clamoring for a retaliatory strike on hard-play by the Hawks, with many fans (and even one Blackhawks broadcaster) floating out the idea of a certain f-word being used as the team's first offensive volley against hard checks and dirty play.

No, Chicagoans are not advocating the use of foul language as a deterrent against hard hits finding their stars on the ice. They are talking about something I—and, as I have found, few others—believe to be an archaic and pointless practice in the NHL: fighting.

Yes, for some reason, many hockey fans (Blackhawks fans, in this specific case) believe that two men dropping their gloves and awkwardly trying to bash each other about the head with clenched fists will eventually manifest in some kind of value to their club.

But does fighting in hockey represent any kind o ...

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