Brent Johnson vs. Rick DiPietro Fight Video: Watch Pens vs. Islanders Goalie KO

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Brent Johnson, Rick DiPietro Prove Why Goalie Fights Rock

When a fight broke out near the end of Wednesday night's Penguins-Islanders clash, it didn't seem like anything out of the ordinary. A typical pile-up near the boards, a couple of fighting majors and everyone moves on with their lives.

But then, it happened. Islanders goalkeeper Rick DiPietro and Penguins goalie Brent Johnson started skating toward one another at the blue line, and the crowd got excited. 

Was it true? Were they really going to do it? 

Johnson dodged a referee, and both players dropped their gloves, sending the crowd into hysterics. They grabbed one another's jerseys and stood frozen for a moment. 

Then, in an instant, Johnson delivered a haymaker to DiPietro's jaw, and took the goalie to the ice with one punch. 

Goalie fights are one of the rarest and most glorious moments in hockey. They don't come around all that often, and when they do, you know they're going to be memorable. They always energize a crowd, and this one was no exception, as the crowd went ballistic at the prospect of a real goalie fight. 
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