Boston Bruins: Why Lord Stanley’s Cup May Be Within Their Reach

July 28th, 2010 by Svyato Rovenchuk The Toronto Made Classic Leave a reply »

At the start of each NHL season, everyone always makes their early predictions on who will win the Stanley Cup.

They go with teams such as the Washington Capitals, the Pittsburgh Penguins, the Detroit Red Wings, among others.

Well this season feel free to throw in the Boston Bruins into that mix. 

Over the past few season, the Bruins have been becoming stronger and stronger. This upcoming season could be the climax of the Bruins' rise to the top. 

Boston has got plenty of talent on their squad for the upcoming season and could prove to be a serious threat in the Eastern Conference.

Although most will still have their bets on Pittsburgh or Washington to climb out of the Eastern Conference and to the Cup Final, Boston should not be forgotten about either. 

Boston has a starting goalie that is still getting better between the pipes. Tuukka Rask will bring the Bruins success for years to come and should mold into one of the goaltending elite in the National Hockey League. 

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