Atlanta Thrashers: Interview With Former Thrashers Winger Ben Simon

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Ben Simon walks slowly towards me in the same way that an elderly gentleman would, an unsettling image of someone who is only 32 years old.  His battered and bruised six foot, 14 stone frame collapses into the chair opposite me and I worry what the interview will hold with someone who looks like he would rather be anywhere else but here.

The night before, Simon endured one of his more physically demanding hockey games of the season.  He has just finished a morning practice session but, unlike the rest of the squad, doesn’t get to go home.  As the Sheffield Steelers player-coach, he has a long day ahead of him and to top it all off has to now somehow fit this reporter into his already busy schedule.

Fortunately, any trepidation on my part is quickly erased as soon as we start talking.  Simon’s passion for hockey is plain to see as his eyes light up in a manner reminiscent of a young child attending their first sporting event: “Hockey is something that’s always been a part of my life so if you take it away, what do I do?”

As with the majority of professional athletes, Simon has had a well-travelled ...

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