A Tale of 2 Rants: Milbury and Roenick on NBC Versus Don Cherry on CBC

March 6th, 2012 by Tom Murray Leave a reply »

I got an email recently from a buddy of mine who works in sports broadcasting (primarily the NBA) about the spat between Mike Milbury and Jeremy Roenick that erupted on NBC Sports Network last week. He could have cared less about who was right or wrong or why they were arguing in the first place. (A hit in a game that night was deemed dirty by Milbury, a startling departure for a guy who's renowned for regularly accusing the game of going "soft" —which is the term Roenick used in describing Milbury's response to the hit in question.)

No, what my friend couldn't believe was how the the fracas was handled by a network "with no ratings that nobody is watching."

After several minutes of heated debate, it all boiled over into a flurry of insults, comebacks and yes, clenched fists. And just when you thought these two guys might just proverbially drop the gloves themselves, what happens???

Bill Patrick, the host of the show, undoubtedly getting frantic orders in his ear from a producer in the booth, throws cold water on the whole deal. "Gotta jump in here," he said nervously, before making a few lame references to "Democrats versus Republ ...

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