5 Hockey Buzzwords That Should Never Be Used Again

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For all of the wonderful words and phrases―many of them time-honored, some of them fairly new―in hockey lingo that the sport’s enthusiasts rightly embrace, there are some that have run their course or had no place to begin with.

NHL fans, commentators, promoters and participants can shoot wide of the net when their coinage misses the mark on what they are attempting to describe.

The expression might needlessly supplant another noun that was doing just fine, and thus prove to be an attempt to fix what was not broken. When that happens, the hockey world is guilty of the linguistic equivalent of a team firing an accomplished coach and setting the team back with a comparatively mediocre replacement.

In other cases, a trending term will take on the wrong meaning, either inevitably from the start or over time as it is constantly applied in the wrong context. A nickname for a player or team, whether it comes from a supporter or a rival, can grow annoying before too long or be inherently classless to more people than just the target.

The following five buzzwords have either exhausted their buzz or logged more than enough fiv ...

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