2013 NHL Lockout: Why Fans Are Wrong in Attacking Evander Kane for Twit Pic

December 24th, 2012 by Franklin Steele Leave a reply »
Leave Evander Kane alone. And the rest of the locked out players, too, while you are at it.

I read just about any blog on hockey that I can and typically even force myself to read the first 25 or 30 comments on each story to try and get a pulse on what other fans are thinking. Just like everyone else, I generally just roll my eyes, laugh, shrug, click a few thumbs ups and thumbs down and then go on my merry little way.

But the vitriol that has been flung at Kane since posting a photo of himself with fat stacks of cash on Twitter while in Las Vegas is madness.

To me, this isn't about what the NHLPA and NHL are currently fighting over. In most accounts, we see that the PA is fighting for a few measly percentage points of the pie and wonder why the players just can't suck it up. Fair enough, despite the fact that each percentage point represents hundreds of thousands of dollars in player salaries.

In refusing to buckle on those numbers, though, some seem to view the players as the greedy ones here. Again, fair enough, I guess. At this point, both sides look like crooks to me.

Yet somehow, through all ...

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