2010 Winter Olympics: USA Win Over Canada a Gift for Hockey Fans

February 21st, 2010 by Frank Castaldi Leave a reply »
I'm a diehard hockey fan. It's something that most of my friends can't understand. They see the game as boring, confusing, and pointless.

They laugh at me for loving a sport that is so different than anything that they like.

They can't understand why I eat, sleep, and breath this game. While they're all induced in the sports-coma that is ESPN coverage, I'm scouring the Internet reading bios and scouting reports on foreigners with strange names.

They can't fathom the idea of what hockey actually is. To them, it's barely a sport. It's just a bunch of Canadians running around with no teeth clubbing each other with sticks. It's just a bunch of Europeans slapping a piece of black rubber on ice while people try to hit them. It's just a bunch of goons drilling their opponents in the face with bare knuckles.  It shouldn't even count in their minds, after all, it's just hockey right? Nobody cares about it.

I know there are millions of diehard hockey fans like myself across the United States who have the same burdens on thier shoulders. The burden of being a hockey fan in a hockey-hated country.

Well, if you really want to ...

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