2010 Winter Olympics: Team Canada’s Goaltending Dilemma

February 22nd, 2010 by Peter Pemmelaar Leave a reply »

Everyone likes to believe (or at least all Canadians) that the most important national team in the country’s psyche rests in the hands of competent, knowledgeable hockey management, honed through years of experience playing  or at least coaching at the highest professional level.  For the most part they are right. 

However, in any industry, event, or endeavor, those in charge must inevitably resort to all kinds of rules of thumb, shortcuts etc to pared down the overwhelming plethora of choices that they face to a few manageable variables. In marketing they call this brand awareness. 

Choices are not based on a thorough review of all options but quickly narrowed down to a few choice options based on those brands that are best known.  Brodeur is a brand as is Loungo.  You might consider them the Mercedes and BMW of Canadian goaltending. Conversely, Marc Andre Fleury is more closely the Buick of goaltending. 

A brand redefining its image and trying to overcome deep seat prejudices that consign him to the back-up in case the back-up gets injured role.

The new Buick may ...

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