2010 Winter Olympics: Memo to Pierre Maguire: SHUT UP

February 19th, 2010 by TAB BAMFORD Leave a reply »
On Thursday afternoon, I tried to watch an exciting Olympic hockey game between the United States and Norway. And yet every few minutes, I wanted to either hurt myself, change the channel or break something.

Why? Because Pierre Maguire opened his mouth.

I've been boiling on Maguire for a while now, and VERY rarely do I bring an all-out rant to Bleacher Report, but I've had enough. It needs to be said, and it needs to be said clearly.

Pierre Maguire needs to SHUT UP .

Let's first set the foundation for Thursday's game. Maguire is Canadian, and HATES the United States. If you doubt that, you haven't listened to Maguire for more than 20 seconds in your life. He has a clear track record of trashing the United States, many times in a manner that crosses the line from professional journalist into petty whining.

On Thursday, Maguire decided that he didn't like the style of play being used by the United States. One of the MANY mistakes NBC is making during these Olympics is putting Maguire between the benches without glass between the players and Maguire.

So Maguire, the would-be coach who looks like a deflated, una ...

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