Zaza Pachulia Is No All-Star, but His Value to Golden State Warriors Is Clear

January 5th, 2017 by Erik Malinowski Leave a reply »

Twitter can be a deplorable place where fun suffers a slow death as you're bombarded with a never-ending cascade of news ranging from simply bad to positively soul-crushing.

And then Zaza Pachulia comes along.

More precisely, Pachulia and his hilariously high All-Star Game vote totals. Suddenly, the sun is shining a little brighter, and there's a spring in your step. With the announcement that Pachulia received the second-most votes for any Western Conference frontcourt player, the internet lost its mind for a few hours Thursday, and it was glorious.

Of course, nothing good can ever stay as such. There was a contingent ready to pounce on the significance of Pachulia's voting bloc, what it all means and how we can't let this turn the All-Star Game into a mockery.

It's true, the NBA has made significant changes to the way All-Star Game votes are counted, and it's largely because of Pachulia's unexpected ascendance last season, which almost proved successful. Now, the fan vote for starters counts for only 50 percent, with players and media making up the rest.

That's perfectly understandabl ...

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