You Decide! Ranking The Best Starting Five by Decade

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After reading some recent articles that make declarations like, "Kobe's the greatest of all time and whatever you say is wrong!" and "Oscar and Wilt and Bird would never be able to play today!" I decided that something had to be said.

While I have only watched basketball on a regular basis for the past several years, I do have a huge amount of respect for the history of the game and often look for articles and books that document this long and varied history.

I feel as if those in my generation underrate not only the talents of players from past eras, but the struggles they had. Players and fans of today enjoy a golden age of prosperity, calm, and marketing gold.

How would Lebron deal with the racism that Bill Russell faced? How would Stephon Marbury ever get hired by anyone without the landmark Oscar Robertson suit?

Another fact ignored are the way fouls are determined in today's game as opposed to years passed. While one of my favorite players, Steve Nash, benefits greatly from the lack of hand-checking and hard fouls; it is video and recorded fact that today's players do not have to take the kind of punishment previous generations ...

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