Will The Clippers Wilt Under The Glare Of The Spotlight?

January 8th, 2010 by Jose Salviati Leave a reply »
Generally speaking, covering the LA Clippers is about finding things to write about.  I admit it's not the most glamorous assignment.

No one on the team is dating or married to a reality TV star. The team owner doesn't "date" girls that are younger than his grand kids. Guns aren't pulled in the locker room.

The Clippers are just a basketball team. No drama, little excitement and for years, few victories.

Things however are changing. A win over the Boston Celtics was nice and left the green team reeling, but a win over "big brother" has heads turning.

Hadarii Jones, featured columnist for the other basketball team in L.A., wrote a great piece about the recent Clipper victory over the Lakers. He likened it to when your little brother gets a lucky shot in on big bro.  It stings, but some piece of you is happy for lil bro's success.  Great analogy.

The Lakers' little brother is growing up, sporting some chest hair and in the middle of a growth spurt. The spotlight is on L.A. and moving in the direction of the Clippers.

When I started writing about the Clips, there were 70 members of the Clipper community. The number, as of ...

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