Why the Death of the NBA Is Good for Basketball

July 14th, 2010 by Kevin Nesgoda Leave a reply »

The NBA currently has a loaded gun pointed toward their head with the hammer pulled back and the finger on the trigger.  They haven’t pulled it yet, but they are extremely close to destroying everything that they have been building to bring the NBA back to the number two sport in the United States.

The lockout is on the horizon and the players do not want to budge, because the owners are still out there spending stupidly, but yet want to bring in a low, hard cap on the players.

Seems almost inevitable that this going to happen, isn’t it?

What if this happens though?

The two groups aren’t even in the same room, same city, or same country—right now I’d venture to say the NBA and players union aren’t even in the same universe, and are nowhere close even to attempt bridging the gap.

Sadly, both sides seem content to let this happen. Again I ask, what if this really happens?

My prediction is that if there is a lockout, then the NB ...

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