Why the 2010 Phoenix Suns are Different

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Significant print space has gone into discussing how the Spurs represent a long-standing scar in the Suns' psyche, borne out of repeated send-offs in the playoffs in recent years, four of the last six seasons, in fact.

While not expounding on the stained history too much, I do want to state one fact—this team is different.

Why? Well, lets look at the basic reason—the roster of the Suns team over the past four occasions when the Spurs have derailed the Suns. The validation will be more than evident.

Suns, 2002-2003: The Essence of Mundane
PG: Stephon Marbury
SG: Penny Hardaway
SF: Shawn Marion
PF: Amare Stoudemire
C: Scott Williams
Key Bench Players: Joe Johnson, Jake Voskuhl, Casey Jacobsen

A point guard who wanted to shoot all the time; a shooting guard well past his prime and working on two droopy knees; a forward-combo that was yet to reach its potential (this was Amare's rookie year, if I am not mistaken); and Scott Williams at Center! Need I say more? Wel, yes, the list of bench contributors would not be on a respectable NBDL roster today, to be honest.

This was, in my mind, the weakest Suns tea ...

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